Friday, August 17, 2007

Lucky Baldwin's Belgian Beer Fest II

Belgian Beer fest #2 at both Lucky Baldwin's locations starts this Saturday the 18th and runs through Sunday the 26th. I am going to head out there tonight and see if they put anything special on the night before like they did for the Lagunitas fest. If they don't I'll have to make a return trip on Sunday or Monday. I will report back later tonight or tomorrow.

UPDATE: So they did have their entire Belgian lineup on tap a night early. Score! Right? Well when we arrived it was pretty packed so we grabbed the last table outside. Unfortunately they didn't have a beer list printed up yet so after asking if they had the Chouffe Houblon on tap and being rejected she asked us if we would trust her to pick out a good choice. Sure why not? We both said we were in the mood for a Belgian Strong Dark Ale (my buddy added the requirement of something not sweet). She brings him an Urthel Dark and me a Maredsous 10 triple (uuuuuhhh?). Anyway, I adjusted my expectations and drank the Maredsous. Quite different than any other triple I've had (not that I've had more than a handful). This one was way more boozy, but it did have the spiciness and Belgian yeasty characteristic to be expected. The fumes on this were almost exactly reminiscent of champagne, that's how explosive it was. It wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound. I gave it a 3.75 on BA. Next up I ordered a Leffe Blonde (since they were out of Saison Dupont). Not a whole lot to say about this other than it was a pretty good light Belgian ale. Mainly sweet, a little fruity, just what you would probably expect from a Belgian Pale Ale.

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