Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Quick Update From Russain River

Got back to the pub last night after a really nice nap and ordered up the Toronado 20th Anniversary Ale (pictured right along with my buddy "the other Steve" aka Milty). If you like Supplication, the pinot nior barrel aged brown ale with sour cherries, you will love this beer. It had a little more body and a bit less acidity but still plenty of tart grapes to satisfy the sour beer lovers. I really enjoyed it a lot.

After that I tried Redemption, a really nice light Belgian pale ale. Light in aroma and light in taste and light in alcohol. Probably doesn't sound that great for many people but it really is a nice beer to drink. A bit of belgian yeast earthiness along with a light fruitiness and light creamy mouthfeel.

Lastly I tried Bravo, a beer made with 100% Bravo hops. It's listed as an American IPA on BA I think, but they had it listed on their chalkboard under Belgians, and it definitely did have a belgian background to it. The hops take front stage and those Bravo hops sure are tasty. They were more citrusy, not too dry, in fact pretty juicy, and fruity. Again, this was also a very good beer.

Day 1 in Santa Rosa was quite nice. We'll see what happens today.

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