Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beer Review: Lost Abbey Lost and Found Abbey Ale

This Abbey ale pours a dark brown but on closer examination it really is a clear reddish brown. The head was airy and composed of very fine bubbles, almost reminiscent of the head you get with stouts served on nitro, but less creamy. The aroma has a bit of wine-like characteristic, not really because of alcohol but probably the raisins which lend a sweet fruity grape smell, along with your classic dark Belgian ale type of aroma. The taste is malty as you would expect (they use two row pale, wheat, English crystal, Special B, and chocolate malts) but it comes with a sweet dark fruitiness that shines early in the sip. Later it finishes with what I want to describe as a mildly bitter earthiness (is that the Belgian yeast strain or the German Magnum or Tettnang hops?). The first time I tried this beer was on tap at Port Brewing and it blew me away from the first sip. The bottle version is still very good, though I notice some differences between the draft and bottle, much like I experienced with Lost Abbey's Avant Garde (very nice on tap, didn't prefer it so much from the one bottle I had). Gave Lost and Found a 4.3 on BA.

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