Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lost Abbey Barrel Tastsing

This Saturday the 25th will be the First Annual Lost Abbey Barrel Tasting. I got a couple tickets so I'm really excited. It's limited to 100 people and last I heard there are still some left, so if you are in the area and missed the news, you may want to jump on this.

The beers to be sampled are:

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Red Poppy
  3. Older Viscosity
  4. The Angel's Share
  5. Cuvee de Tomme
What's cool is you can also reserve bottles of these beers if you are there (most of them are set to be bottled next sometime in the Fall). The website also points out that guests will receive something that should be pretty special...
Guests will also receive a special release created by Messier Arthur just for the evening and have the opportunity to reserve their own allotment of each release they sample that evening.

Some people are skeptical of barrel aged beers, and they may be right in many cases (especially with how highly priced they tend to be). But for me, I would pay the same price if we were sampling these beers from kegs. It's just a fantastic lineup of beers. I will definitely have a wrap-up the day after.

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