Thursday, June 26, 2008

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

I think a lot has been said about Russian River on this website (go figure, it's a CA-based blog) and I know I've mentioned how much I love their Blind Pig IPA but I haven't given a good descriptor of it. A couple pints last night gave me a chance to really think about it.

As you can it pours clear with an orangish hue, which is probably escalated just a bit from the dark room and flash of the camera. They really focus on the hops in making this beer. If you've ever had a chance to taste their other single IPA which they just call "Russian River IPA" then you know that one has a touch more of a balance to it (while still being really hoppy). When you smell Blind Pig you get a huge wave of resinous citrus. The taste leaves you with that huge citrus punch combined with a bit of a tropical fruit like sweetness and a lot of bitterness. The body is really light. I could see some people wanting to use the term watery, but it's pretty much how I like them. It is such a tasty IPA, but to be honest it's one I could only drink maybe 2 pints of at the most. It just bruises my tongue so much I feel like I have a few layers of hop oils coating my mouth. Even when I woke up this morning I could still feel it (after brushing my teeth before I went to bed).

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