Saturday, June 7, 2008

Complaining About Beer Prices?

This story in the Wall Street Journal got me thinking again about ordering beer at bars. I've seen so many people complain recently about how they order a pint and get shortchanged on the quantity served, as if that $6 price listed on the menu is the exact price of 16 ounces. I have never understood the way these people think. When I go to a bar, whether the "pint" is $2.50, or $7, I am basically expecting a pint glass of beer with a bit of foam on the top- the way a beer is correctly served. I don't expect it to be exactly 16 fluid ounces. In fact I hate when beers are served with the liquid to the very top without any head whatsoever. Beer drinkers should assume the beer they are going to be served is a an ounce or two smaller than what is advertised. See, when a beer is served correctly a pint isn't an actual quantity but a combination of quantity and presentation. Because they are typically served in pint glasses the actual quantity you are going to get with a well poured beer is less than 16 ounces. So stop complaining!

On the other hand, if order a pint and are served something in one of these "falsie" glasses that are mentioned in the article, that is just plain misrepresentation and the establishment should be called out on it.

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