Thursday, June 12, 2008

Checking In From NorCal

Got up here Tuesday as expected after a couple rounds at the Toronado. I was pleasantly surprised to find Moonlight's Reality Czech Pilsner which was so tasty. Once we got to Santa Rosa we stayed at Russian River for a handful of rounds while watching the Laker game. There's seriously not too many better things than enjoying a RR IPA, Blind Pig, and Pliny the Elder in a night.

Wednesday morning we hit the Flavor Bistro for an early lunch. Again had the Reality Czech Pilsner here. We then headed up to Healdsburg for a visit to Bear Republic's brewpub. To our surprise they had about 13 beers on tap. Some of their specialties were GREAT, including my favorite the "Rebellion," which was an all-simcoe IPA.

After that we hit the J, Longboard, and Kendall-Jackson Wineries. Finished the night back at Russian River.

Today we have to head down into Oakland to take one friend to the airport. We will probably try to stop at Lagunitas, Moylan's, Tornado, 21st Amendment, and The Trappist. Will have a bunch of pictures up when we get back home on Sunday. All I have to work with right now are pictures from a friend's blackberry.

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