Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rubicon IPA

I love not working cause it means I can enjoy a bunch of beers while sitting around and watching baseball. Today was my undergrad alma mater, UC Irvine, taking on LSU in the super regionals. UCI, despite only re-starting their baseball program back up about 6 years ago, made it deep into the College World Series last year and is threatening again this year (with an ex-USC head coach legend leading them).

So today's choice was made based on what would work well with my spicy chili and nachos for dinner. The choice was Rubicon IPA, from the brewery based in Sacramento. It's ok overall. I probably wouldn't get another bottle of it just cause there are so many really great IPA's out there. I still enjoyed a full bomber of this. It's very floral in it's aroma and taste, very similar to Ballast Point's Big Eye IPA. It has a pretty good maltiness to it, which I don't actually prefer too much. I like a lighter IPA with only a hint of malt backbone in to let the hops shine through unimpeded. It still carried a nice hop flavor and moderately resinous bitter finish. Giving this a 3.75/5 and would still order it if I was ever at their brewery, but probably not seek out another bottle.

As for UC Irvine, 1 more win to go against LSU to get to the College World Series! Zot!


Chris said...

I'm watching Game 2 with a Maui Big Swell IPA. Zot!

Steve said...

Well, that was quite a nice meltdown to have to watch. It only makes it worse how much I already despised LSU.