Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dogfish Head Aprihop

I couldn't find a whole lot to say about this beer. It's pretty soft in flavor, maybe due to it being bottled about 4 months ago. Being a form of IPA, I assume it's lost some of its luster in that amount of time. Either way, the main player- apricot- comes though subtly against a grainy malt backbone. Not a lot (if any) hops to be detected in any distinctive way. With all that said, it disappeared from my glass pretty darn fast. Mom and Dad enjoyed it as well. Probably a real winner when it's at its freshest.


Carla Jean said...

Hey, Great blog. I've added you to my blogroll on The Beer Babe. (

And you're right about the Apriop, it is much stronger directly after brewing. I had a similar experience when I tried it last year, but this year I got it fresh in April, and it was a whole lot better.


The Beer Babe.

Jay said...

Hey Steve, had a pint of this on tap in Brooklyn 2 months ago and was FLOORED. Best fruit beer I've ever had, despite having a bottle of it once before and only being marginally impressed. It's a fresh-tap beer for sure.