Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Dinner Snack - Weyerbacher Hops Infusion

Weyerbacher, out of Easton, PA, calls this an IPA, 6.2% ABV. The name is actually much better than the taste. This beer didn't deliver any amount of hops and there's no indication on the bottle of whether it's old or not. There are no hops in the aroma, the bitterness is astringent and cheap feeling, and the toasty malt body completely outbalances anything else in the brew. Maybe I'm too spoiled by our west coast, or more specifically, Southern California IPA's. Time to move onto something better.

Next beer, Dogfish Head Festina Peche. Officially the first BerlinerWeisse style beer I've had, though I imagine this isn't the most classic example. Dogfish Head adds peach concentrate to this during fermentation. The bottle I have was brewed last summer so it's getting fairly old right now. The color reminds me of a wit, maybe slightly more gold. The smell is only very faint tartness which seems to be more wheat-derived than lactobacillus. Either way the smell was probably better when it was fresher... I couldn't pick up any peach at all. The taste is really refreshing. Light, faintly tart, slightly wheaty, and a bit citric. The acidity is overall lower than one would think. A nice beer to try, probably the best fresh though.

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