Monday, March 10, 2008

Coronado Idiot IPA

I hadn't given the Coronado Brewery over on Coronado Island just outside of San Diego much thought until I heard the guys at Pacific Brew News sample a bottle of the Idiot IPA. They all loved it and I was stoked when I unexpectedly came across it while browsing through Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido.

It only stayed in my fridge about a week until I got the opportunity to open it up today. I had high expectations for this and unfortunately they weren't met. The beer pours a very dark hazy orange, as pictured. The smell was very much malty. It's hard for me to describe the kind of maltiness that comes in these syrupy double IPA's, but it's not something I like too much. The taste brought me back to the hops. Floral initially, with a rush of sweetness followed by a sticky pine finish and a citrus twang aftertaste. This wasn't as syrupy as some double IPA's I've had- it was slightly below that at about a light-medium mouthfeel.

I'm not sure this is the freshest bottle ever. I also don't think it's super old, so I think I got a fairly good example of it's overall flavor. Unfortunately I won't be seeking this out in bottles again, but I would give it a try fresh from the source on tap if I'm ever at the Coronado Brewery. 3.15/5, C+

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Jason said...

The idiot IPA really is a maltier double IPA but I do think an even fresher sample on tap at their brewery will bring out a lot more hops than you probably experienced, so if you get that chance you should try it again.