Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Hoppy Great Night

Alpine Pure Hoppiness - Picked up this growler 2 1/2 weeks ago and the electrical tape I used on the cap worked perfectly to seal in the carbonation and freshness. This was probably the best tasting/freshest sample I've had and just keep getting reminded how amazing Pure Hoppiness is. My last growler of it will probably be consumed while I watch the USC vs. Kansas St. basketball game on Thursday.

Firestone Union Jack IPA - My buddy brought this back after he had stopped into the Firestone Taproom in Buelton this weekend. This beer was my recommendation to try when he was there and he liked it so much he rewarded me with a growler. This is a very good IPA. It has a lot of citrus to it and less pine (as compared to their very hoppy pale ale, that is big on the pine). It's a very juicy type of IPA with a lot of citrus and berry fruit flavors. Although this particular sample had lost a fair amount of its carbonation due to the screw top not being modified (taped up), it still held up nicely... In fact I was amazed how it held up compared to the Pure Hoppiness I had right before it which is a bit more harsh in the bitterness.

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