Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost Abbey Bourbon Barrel Angel's Share Release Day

My buddy Steve and I departed from Upland at 8am and arrived at Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey at 9:15. We were #92 and 93 in line, with 45 minutes remaining before the doors open. Just to give a little perspective, we got to the brandy barrel Angel's Share release about 15 minutes early and were about #30 in line. We got to the Older Viscosity release about 10 minutes after doors opened and practically walked into the place and got our beers in 15 minutes. We got to the Red Poppy release about 30 minutes early and were #50'ish in line. As you can see, these releases are now getting really popular. Not just with the volume of people showing up, but at what time they show up.

The great thing about all the Lost Abbey releases is they serve you beer while you are in line (although you must get into the building before you qualify to buy some). As always, Beer Molly hooked us up right as we stepped through the doors, while Beer Sage was running around giving the sinners their shirts (pretty cool shirts too it looks like). Angel's Share 5oz. samples were $3 while a pint was $8. Also available for pours was Avant Garde on cask, Serpent's Stout, Shark Attack Double Red, and all the other good stuff they make here. We got a couple tasters of Angel's Share and although I must say the brandy barrel version was very good, this bourbon barrel version was even better. It hits you immediately with an oaky/malty taste that combines into something like molasses, and finishes with some lingering chocolate. I'll be saving these bottles for a really special occasion. Another great bonus was that each person could purchase 2 bottles of Veritas 003.

Overall it took us about 2 hours total with arriving 45 minutes early to purchasing our beer. After that we left pretty quickly as I had to get home in the afternoon to help my little sister do some moving. We did stop in at Oggi's and have some lunch accompanied by some Hop Juice, which as the guys at Pacific Brew News would say, "doesn't suck."

(all this means is I've got some really great beer and I'm now really poor-er)

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