Monday, March 24, 2008

Beer Blogging the Mid-Atlantic: Baltimore Beer Guy

Maryland doesn't just do football and crab cakes. They do beer too. So if you have some spare time (and you obviously do if you've found your way to this blog) and you like beer (again...), hop on over to a new blog from The Baltimore Beer Guy.

Baltimore Beer Guy is a former San Diego-ite and immediately gained a love for Stone Brewing when he first discovered the world of craft beer (I know because we made the journey into the craft beer world our quest). There's no denying he has San Diego blood in him as he immediately gravitated to the IPA and DIPA's at that time. Obviously he knows a good beer when he sees one and, although he had recently been in the beer wasteland known as the Florida panhandle, he is now in a much friendlier beer environment and exploring it like there's no tomorrow. It doesn't hurt his credibility that he began, and is still publishing, a multi award winning sports blog.

This just-outside-of-Baltimore stationed beer blog will be especially useful for those located in the immediate area, but if you're also wondering what's going on with beer (and other stuff for his occasional tangent) in this area of the country then it'll be equally beneficial. So bookmark it, add it to your blog roll, or whatever, because this is sure to be a great resource for what's happening in the mid-Atlantic region.


Anonymous said...

Perfect timing. I'm going to be in DC for a week next month and am doing research to get the most out of the trip beer-wise.

BeerGuy said...

I used to really dislike the Maryland state flag, but it's growing on me.

Thanks for the kind words and linkage.