Saturday, March 29, 2008

21st Amendment Brewing, Toronado, & The Buena Vista

A couple of my buddies had to go to San Francisco this week to take an ATF test, so I gave them 4 recommendations on where they need to go while they were in the city.

  1. Toronado. My friends like good beer so when you have 2 full days of nothing to do in SF how can you not go here?
  2. City Beer Store. Hopefully they bring me something back for my generous recommendations.
  3. The Buena Vista. We go to this Irish pub now every time we make a trip to see USC play Stanford. This is the spot for the best Irish coffee in America. That's not just my opinion, that's a fact.
  4. 21st Amendment Brewery. They were already at Fisherman's Wharf so they took my recommendation and made the 2 mile trip here.
So out of all my recommendations they have made it only to 21st Amendment so far, and I didn't like the level of interest I got in them of visiting the others. I've never been to the Toronado so I need them to go and have stories for me when they come back. They did send me some pictures from 21st Amendment which made me really thirsty. They also said all the IPA's were out this morning. The horror!

21st Amendment Brewery

21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat

21st A General Pippo's Porter

UPDATE: I motivated their lazy asses to get out of the hotel and go to the Toronado since it was only 2 miles away. I'm sure they will be thanking me later. I got a bunch of pictures text mailed to me, accompanied by captions of "Where are you, I'm shit faced!" and "Pretty drunk, taking pictures of tap handles."

The Toronado

Some tap handles

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

Don't know what this is

Some decorations

The bathroom art work

I'm proud that my friends mustered up enough energy this morning to go to the Buena Vista for Irish Coffees, which have of course been proven the best hangover cures.

The Buena Vista

Pouring the Irish coffees

Cream going on top

There she is, the famous Buena Vista Irish Coffee

My buddy Loren, this is what you need to pass an ATF test

My friend Steve

No comment

Frangelico Nutty Coffee - Frangelico, Bailey's, Coffee

Back to the Toronado Before the Flight Home

The sausage place next door to the Toronado

You can take your order over to the Toronado and...

...have a nice pint of Blind Pig with them.

Saison Dupont and Russian River Damnation

De Proef Flemmish Ale

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