Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saturday San Diego Itinerary

Plans look like this so far:

Leaving Upland ~10am.
Arriving at Alpine ~noon - growler fills
O'Brien's 1-2:30'ish - little bit of food and beer
Lost Abbey 3-5'ish
Stone - on way home for growler fill?

Hopefully some of my deadbeat Upland friends join. They've been really disappointing in terms of their San Diego trip participation in the last year (Kevin excluded). I mean some of them don't even respond to the notification/invite of these glorious days of beer drinking in San Diego, and some of them have to drive their girlfriends to work. It just baffles me.

PS- about 75% certain I'm just gonna get 5 gallons worth of growlers instead of a keg.


El Serracho! said...

see you at lost abbey

Steve said...

Hey El, if you see a guy with a red Angels cap on, feel free to say hi

BeerGuy said...

Angels? BOO