Thursday, May 28, 2009

Estonian Beer

My sister's friend generously brought me back a couple bottles on her recent trip to England. She asked a beer store guy to recommend a couple beers which could not be bought in the US, and this was one of the beers he recommended. It's called Viru and it's an Estonian beer. The first thing you notice is the pyramid shape of the bottle. It rates a D+ on BeerAdvocate (with only 6 reviews) but you know what, I liked it. I didn't know what it scored before I drank the beer and I would have guessed higher than its D+. I enjoyed this beer with my Domino's Pizza. In terms of light lagers there didn't appear to be anything really wrong with it. Kinda tasted like all the others, but it had a nice sweetness to it.


BeerGuy said...

How come the rest of the world makes nothing but light lagers?

Kevin said...

maybe the only good english beer is chang, the kit sponsor of everton fc.

bathmate said...

very good