Monday, May 25, 2009

A Probiotic Regimen of Pediococcus, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus

Screw the Acidophilus supplements you can buy at the store, my probiotics come directly from Russian River. Batch 002 of Beatification is doing great. It's got about 16 months of age in the bottle now and it seems like it has picked up an extra mustiness to me. I noted some sort of light fruity type of character in it a year ago when it was relatively young, but I can't find any of that sort now. It's still intensely sour, of course.

And it goes really well with cheese. Fontina is a little too weird tasting for me, but an extra sharp cheddar or a parmesan-like Fontinella are both excellent. BeerAdvocate recommends a peppery or pungent cheese with this. This beer being so similar to a Geuze, Garrett Oliver would recommend a tangy goat cheese or his favorite, Stilton.

This 3 week old growler from Stone Oaked Arrogrant Bastard was as close to fresh as you can get. It is possible to store growlers in the fridge this long, I've done it many times, with no loss of carbonation and no detectable loss of freshness. Oaked AB is rounded out in flavor, compared to regular AB, and very delicious.


BJR said...

Nice call on the probiotics! Maybe I'll replace my breakfast of Kefir and banana with Beatification and banana.

Oh yeah, ManU DIES tomorrow! Ha ha ha.


1. Ronaldo is ejected in the 2nd half after being called twice for diving. He leaves the field sobbing...

2. Rooney is also ejected after getting a yellow for jump kicking Puyol, then a second yellow for throwing a tantrum. He exits the field, then eats the first baby he he sees.

3. Barca wins the goalfest (assuming Fergie doesn't play like a defensive p**sy) 4 to 3.

Kevin said...

Wanker Alert - BJR!

First off, Barca will be a little think in the defense and I think whoever Ferguson pairs up front with Rooney will be a thorn in the side of the think back 4. Park should get a run out tomorrow and his pace, well, is very rare for an Asian to have that kind of quickness.

Second, they are billing this as Ronaldo v Messi and there is no way he would be sent off for diving twice. Sulking, yes.

Third, Rooney is not Mike Tyson, he doesn't want to eat your children.

Fourth, the matchup everyone wants to see is Terry Henry, Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto'o v the United Defense which you aren't going to find a better center defense than Ferdinand and Vidic.

It should be an awesome European night. Hopefully some of the magic from the 1998-99 group stage where 12 goals were scored between the two sides can make for a great evening in the Eternal City.


Barcelona 1-3 Manchester United

BJR said...

Man U, Man U...

Eat my Pooh...