Saturday, May 9, 2009

Celebrating last day of graduate school

We had a great night at Lucky Baldwin's... They were still running their Strong Ale fest like 2 weeks after it should have ended, so the taplist was saturated with barleywines and strong belgian ales.

Started off with a Telegraph Rye-Wine. 10% ABV... I've never heard of a "rye-wine" before... wheat-wine yes, barleywine yes, rye-wine no. Both bartenders verbalized their dislike for this beer but I didn't find anything too off-putting about it. I don't generally like the strong ale/barleywine category unless it's very highly hopped or Belgian, but this was interesting. Definitely couldn't drink more than this 6oz, and I don't think it was intended for more.

Hair of the Dog Blue Dot is never a let down. GREAT beer. I wish these bottles didn't run $8 in stores, kinda like Sculpin. I guess the last few years have seen prices of craft beer evolve to where you have to really put forth the $$$ to get great beer (in many cases).

This is for you Spencer. Hope Monika had a good birthday celebration tonight. :)

This was an Avery Hog Heaven, still don't like this beer, on my second try. I think Pat drank most of this taster when I was in the bathroom.

My last beer was a Brasserie des rocs grand cru which I hadn't had in a very long time. I told the bartender Lisa to surprise me and that's what she brought. A pretty good beer, although very sweet and grape-like.

Great night. Thanks to Loren, Pat, Veronica and Paul for great company. Lucky B's is always a great time.

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