Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Night and "Role Models"

Took this DVD called Role Models up to my buddy Spencer's house since everyone has said it's a really great movie. The movie was pretty awesome, the beer almost topped it.

This was a 2 year old bottle here, I bought this bottle of 10 Commandments at the Lost Abbey first anniversary party. It was roughly refrigerated 50% of the time and sat in my closet the other 50%. It was still damn good. One of the best Belgian Dark Ale's I've ever had. It was surprisingly roasty with a definite coffee flavor, but after a while that went away and I just got a really nice chocolatey and sugary dark malt base to it. The raisins came through mostly just in the aroma, but somewhat in the taste too with the sugar sweetness. Great balance and really tasty.

Of the 17+ Russian River brews I've had, I've never really drank a whole Salvation. Both times I've been up to the brewpub I've never ordered a glass, although I've taken sips before and didn't think too much of it. Tonight I realized this a really good Belgian Dark Ale. This is batch 006 bottled on 1/24/08. Highly chocolatey and caramelly, and the body is actually quite light/thin- like authentic Belgian Strong Darks. Really enjoyed this one.

Lastly was a bottle of Cuvee de Tomme from last year's release (2008). CdT is never a let down, this beer was as good as always. Cherry, bourbon, wood, all within a tart body. It doesn't get much better than that. This is an amazing beer. I was saving this for a special occasion but I have another bottle and Spencer has been begging for this so it sounded good to me.

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Good Burp said...

You gotta love Lost Abbey. I know I do. I have yet to age one yet, because I end up drinking them.