Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is amazing!

PtY on tap and this is what the ToroandoSD looks like. Classic! I'm drinking an Alpine Hoppy BDay after 2 glasses of younger.
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Nat said...

That's hard to believe.

Have you had Port's Nickle Bag? Also a huge DIPA. PP OB has had it for about a month. It's a whopping $28 for a growler.

Steve said...

Yeah I couldn't believe it either. I was just meeting my friend down there for lunch and when I was trying to make up my mind of what to drink the bartender says "and I have Younger on tap right now....." nice!

I tried Nickle Bag the other day. You're right, huge beer. It kicked Exponential's ass in the side-by-side. To be honest I didn't really enjoy it that much. Not a huge DIPA fan right now except for a select few (Bad Boy, fresh PtE, Sculpin... if u wanna call that one...)

Nat said...

Agree on the DIPAs. NickleBag was too much, same with Hoptimum, and the list goes on. I like DIPAs like PtE and Stone's Ruination. That said, I made sure to get a bottle of Mongo when it hit the shelves this week, as I have never tried it.

Patrocinio said...

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