Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 1 of Santa Rosa Pliny the Younger Road Trip

We made it to SF (~400) miles in about 6 hours and 1/2 tank of gas (hybrids are pretty cool I guess). Saw a license plate that said "JD Bode" on it... perhaps the spirit of the Booze Reviews crew is with us. We scored a parking spot right across the street from Toronado and had a couple pints there. Reality Czeck tasted great, and my 2nd beer was even better. It was actually the Moonlight Twist of Fate bitter that I had on hand pump, not Bombay by Boat (which is the IPA... Kev had that one). Twist of Fate on hand pump was really juicy and very easy to drink. Only being fueled by my little sister's brownies up to this point we headed over to 21st Amendment brewpub (should have gotten a sausage from Rosamund's or whatever it's called). Had the 21A Brew Free or Die IPA which I didn't like that much before and still don't prefer much. After that stop it was to our usual Friday night pre-USC NorCal weekender game spot, the Buena Vista irish pub for their awesome Irish Coffees. We ended the night at Russian River brewpub... the calm before the storm you could say. It is going to be a madhouse today and they were starting to brace for it. They said 200 people would be let in initially so if you're not in that batch it'll probably be a while before you get in. The question is, will the PtY allotment for today last beyond those first 200 people?? Since they open at 11, Kev and I are going to see what the crowd is like around 9... I'm guessing it'll be down the street even though PtY is going to be on tap for 2 weeks. Dammit, I told myself I would never wait in lines like this for beer again.

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JDaveRhode said...

Just now seeing this 5 years later. Of course we were with you in spirit!