Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 2 Santa Rosa Road Trip

We hit downtown Santa Rosa at 9:15 this morning to find a small crowd of about 10 people waiting outside the brewpub (they open at 11). It was a bit chilly but with clear skies... kinda like the Rose Bowl on Jan 1. The sun was out and eventually in the pub we didn't need jackets. Perfect weather for PtY release. We got in line around 9:30 and they strapped everyone in line with wristbands so no cutting was allowed. They actually started letting people in the pub around 10:30 which was awesome. It wasn't a mad rush, they seated groups one by one. We got a bar table and started ordering our Youngers and beer buddies. After about 3 hours of drinking in the pub we headed out and went to Flavor Bistro for a quick moonlight brew and a cheese plate. After that it was off to Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastapol where we finally hit the wall. It was tough to take down a 20 oz of the Hopmonk Kellerbier and a plate of fish and chips so after that it was back to the hotel for a bit of relaxation. In a little bit we will head back over to Russian River for some more pints.. Younger will be long gone for today, so maybe some Compunction? So many choices......... :)

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