Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 3 Santa Rosa Road Trip

We drove down south and hopped (literally) our way back up from Novato up to Healdsburg. Watching the Man United game at a really cool Irish pub in Novato was both nice and disappointing (the result), but Moylan's tasted much better to me this time than it did when I went there last a couple years ago (I had a bad wine hangover that day). Hopsickle was so fresh and delicious. Next stop was the Lagunitas taproom which was pretty big. There were at least 100 people there, mostly on the outer "beer garden" area. Good beers, and the Hop Stoopid tasted more like weed than even Alpine Nelson IPA does. Next stop up the 101 was Bear Republic where we had a pint and hit a minor wall. I had their Nor Cal bitter which was meh. We mellowed out for a couple hours after that before heading back to the RR brewpub for the final time. The last night is always the best and this was no exception. When we got to the pub at 9:30 or so there was a still a line of about 15 people waiting for entrance... amazingly PtY was still pouring. After a short wait we went in and enjoyed a few beers, Kev going with Younger and Elder and myself going with Compunctions and Elder. Met some interesting people in that pub this weekend, good times. Time to hit the road and head back down South. Will be posting pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

I was doing a Pliny The Younger websearch, and I came across your blog again. It sounds like you had an awesome trip up north. Just wondering if you knew of any Pliny The Younger tappings in SD. Ive been waiting years to try this. Are you still working for Ralphs? I ended up taking a job at a hospital in palm springs area, other than no craft beer here, cant complain..

Steve said...

Hey Jose, good to hear from you and hope your job is going well. I still work for Ralphs yeah. Hey for PtY in San Diego the best thing you could possibly do is log on to Beer Advocate and keep up with the Pacific forum message board there. There are threads that are saying when and where PtY will be tapped. I'm not really keeping up with it because I think I'll pass on trying to get anymore younger (hate the crowds at the bars/pubs). But yeah it will be at all the good places in SD, probably between 10-15 different places. In my experiences it lasts longest at Stone, probably because they get the most. Cheers and hope you find it. Keep me updated!

Anonymous said...

A pub in temecula will have it next week, i should be able to taste it there. I've read some reviews of PTY, and some critics prefer Alpine's Exponential Hoppiness over PTY. Ive had EH on several occasions, just wondering what your personal opion of this comparison was>

Nat said...

San Diego Beer Blog has a list of many PtY tappings in San Diego. A bunch this week.