Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Santa Rosa Recovery, Photo Dump

Some selected crappy blackberry shots from the Pliny the Younger trip.


A nice sunny day at the Pub the morning of the PtY release.

Obviously busy but perfectly controlled

The waiters....

The line outside RR on the first day. This was around 2-3pm.

Moonlight at the Flavor Bistro post-Younger

Hopmonk Tavern. Had a hard time finishing my Kellerbier. Hit the wall that day.

Finnegan's Irish Pub in Novato. Really cool bar where we caught the shitty Manchester United game at Saturday morning.

Moylans. This visit was much better than last considering I didn't have a wine hangover this time. Fresh Hopsickle here was one of the best beers of the trip.

Firestone taproom in Buelton on the way home to watch the Super Bowl.

Union Jack

Santa Barbara, the last leg home.

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