Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekdays off are a good excuse for a beer or few

I usually have a weekday off, and O'Brien's is a good place to grab a couple beers, a grilled cheese, and sometimes garlic fries (when I don't mind breathing fire the rest of the day).

Alpine Duet IPA --------- Bear Republic Apex DIPA

Finishing the day off with a tasting session is not bad either. We tasted Southern Tier Unearthly IPA, Gemini, Raspberry Wheat, Ithica TEN, the new small Supplication bottles, and probably another somethin or two. Unearthly was pretty nice, and earthy. Alcohol well hidden for such a huge beer. Or was that the Gemini? Ithica TEN was a killer imperial red tasting sorta beer.

And Green Flash Imperial IPA is king. A kick ass beer. I forgot exactly how much this bottle cost but BJR of BoozeReviews.net got a sweet deal (somethin' like $3 a bomber?) on a case of these suckers which were "short pours." The fill barely came up to the neck so I guess Green Flash holds them back instead of sending them into distribution. They lack probably about 20 mL less than a normal bottle but still totally, Totes McGotes worth it. Just a fantastically pungent and aggressive beer when fresh. Some people say it's the quintessential "grapefruit bomb" type DIPA.

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jameson said...

what did you think of the BR Apex? i had it last week at the encinitas alehouse (been there yet?). it thought it was ok but was expecting more from BR. I like racer 5 & X much better.