Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day-off of Beer

Meaning a day off from work filled with beer. First hit O'brien's for a grilled cheese and garlic fries paired with a nice fresh Alpine O'Brien's IPA. Great IPA as always. The malt bill in that is fantastic! (I rarely will even want to say that about an IPA but the complexity WORKS here)

After that I made my way to SD Brewing Co. Their sampler is pictured. The hefe, nut brown, and amber were all solid. The blueberry ale and the raspberry chocolate porter were, well, fruity. They didn't have Hopnotic IPA on but after the bartender noticed my disappointment he magically found me a sample. It was a very delicious IPA. My tasting notes said "citrus, mango, blind pig like, citric bitterness, light fruits"

From there I met Bohdon and Ashley at Toronado. Their Bad Boy, El Camino IPA, and Duet's were much better than the dud Red Chair Pale Ale I got (it was the dregs, was cloudy, tasted muddled and bad- definitely not Deschutes' fault). Strike 2 Toronado.

Lastly that night we had a little growler sess with growlers my friend Steve (steve #2) who is currently in GA sent me. The first was Coast Hop Art IPA. It was pretty good, not great. It had a really big bitterness to it but lacked something overall in the flavor and crispness category. The second was a growler of Double Simcoe IPA which tasted a lot better than any time we've had it out of bottles. Lastly a bottle of White Zin made an appearance (thanks!). It was delicious. The thing smells like a white wine and champagne and then tastes like a bourbon barrel. Really weird how the smell and taste are so polarized!

Couldn't think of a better way to spend a day off!
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