Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surprise Box 'O Beer from East Coast

My friend and beer brother, Steve, stationed in the middle-of-nowhere Georgia right now took a little trip last week into Charleston, SC and sent be back a few brews. This box of beer is a very welcome surprise! 4 of the 5 beers I haven't had before. I've really liked everything Southern Tier has made (except that horrendous buttered-popcorn pumpkin ale they make) so I'm looking forward to trying these others!


Rational Realist said...

ST's Unearthly is good stuff. Double fisting Blind Pig? Wow.

Steve said...

...and I've read (via HBJ) that Gemini is stellar. That place where we have the Blind Pig's is this amazing seafood restaurant in Cambria. Everyone tailgates outside the door for an hour or so and then they open at 5:30 or something. You can bring in whatever beverages you've opened, so we always open a couple more bottles right before we head in :)