Saturday, March 6, 2010

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

Before a couple days ago I had never heard of this brewery, but here sits a can of this 8.25% "Strong American Stout" as it's called by the brewers. This would be my second craft beer ever from my least favorite of our 50 united states (Texas, if you haven't looked it up yet). The head builds up nicely in this brew and is actually much lighter than I expect, it's pretty close to off white (the picture makes it looks a bit darker). This sucker is smooooooth, no doubt from the rolled oats they use. The taste is really rich with tastes of mild coffee and Whoppers malt balls. I consumed this in 3 stages. Those first flavors came out before I started eating. Then as I drank it with my spicy chili I got more of an alcohol presence (like that you pick up in a cocktail) along with a bit of licorice. When I was finishing it with my Samoas girl scout cookies I got the first flavors but much less of the coffee bitterness, probably because the chocolate was coating my tongue.

I think there might be a special ingredient in this because when I drank it I was knocked the fugg out. Like someone had shot shot me IV with 2 mg of Versed.

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