Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Sunday Beers Cruisin Around SD North County

We started up at the Brigantine in Poway for our obligatory 10am fish tacos. Usually they are accompanied by an Alaskan IPA or Lightning Elemental Pilsner but they had just replaced that with Lightning Thunderweizen. This might've been the cloudiest hefe I've ever seen (fairly meaningless but someone's gotta win that title right?). Super yeasty with a good deal of clove in it. Not bad, but I like my hefe's a little more "clean."

Churchill's: Firestone Saucerful of Merken. Suppose to be some sort of stout/barleywine/Belgian strong ale hybrid. Smelled sweet like a barleywine, tasted roasty like a stout with some fruity Belgian dark ale type notes in it. Quite interesting.

Allagash Fluxus - very saisony... light fruits such as peach and mango wrapped around a heavy earthy yeast presence.

Deschute's Dissident. Nice little tart beer, lots of fruit in it.

Pizza Port C-bad: Pure Hoppiness... redeemed itself a bit. Very fresh, pretty tasty.

Pizza Port Slap & Tickle (pickle). On cask. Bartender said it's a "hoppy american pale ale." Quite good, wonder how much better it woulda been on tap.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at Mas Fina Cantina up the street from Pizza Port. This is where better judgment didn't prevail this day.

Callahan's pub in Mira Mesa. SD Brewing Co Hopnotic IPA. Very good, but a victim of overindulgence here.

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