Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tenaya Creek Brown Ale

At Alligator Bar in The Orleans. Not bad, only cost me $20 since I lost it all on video blackjack.
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Michael said...

if you're in NO check out a bar called D.B.A., it's blow your mind good, especially late at night with music playing. 20 types of every kind of booze ranging from mid to uber premium. From what I remember they had about 20 beers on tap and 60 in bottles? Cool atmosphere.

Also cooter browns is a cool spot, cheap and good, fair selection compared to what I'm used to from normal Ca anyways (beer bars aside, as this joint is a sports bar of sorts), and reeeeeeeally close to this place is Voodoo BBQ, the home of my favorite pulled pork ever, in gigantic quantities with kickass sides......for like $8

Hope that helps man.

Michael said...

oh and at cooter's the oysters are $8 a dozen and HUGE

Kevin said...

never heard of tenya creek, but i have been to tenaya creek and its actualy on tenaya.