Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Beer Label

Nothing new for Lost Abbey to pump out some awesome artwork for their beer labels, but I especially like the new Duck-Duck-Gooze lable.


BeerGuy said...


Dave said...

Doesn'0t hurt that is a damn good beer. =)

Mattias said...

Yes, a cool label.

But the coolest thing with this new beer is that it is actually really like a true belign gueze wihtout actually not being one.

It is basically starting as a lager in the bottom and then blended with different variants of US "sour" beer, but then actually drinkable as a true gueze.

For a person that is used to drink true gueze it is truly scary, but at the same really great.

We could not stop drinking this beer during our visit to the brewery, simply as the earlier comments said, COOL.