Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost Wages

I don't really wanna go back to Las Vegas for a long time, but at least here are a couple of the beer pics I took.

Waiting for Grimaldi's Pizza to open at around 10:30. Alpine O'Brien's IPA so generously given to me by The J's. We pulled around to the back of the strip strip mall and polished this growler off before heading in for our pizza.

Bottle of Fat Tire at Grimaldi's. I never bothered with this beer much before, but I really enjoy it at places where it's one of the better beers in stock.

$2.50 Dos Equis for Happy Hour. Couldn't complain at this point... it's Vegas.

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Timmins said...

Nothing like an Alpine O'Brien's IPA after a 3 hour drive to Vegas in a Carl's Jr. paper cup...