Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick Beer Notes On Last Week's Trip To SD

-Hit the Ballast Point tasting room right off the bat. Went with their flight of special releases. This included a scottish ale, Even Keel session ale, Victory at Sea imperial coffee porter, and Dorado DIPA. I hadn't had Dorado in a LONG time because the last time I had it I didn't get a sense of great drinkability from it (too soupy, not dry enough, too orangy). That was maybe 3-4 years ago. The pour I had in the tasting room was awesome. The hoppiness- so citrusy, the body- not too thick... it was superb. The scotch ale was truly solid though not my favorite style, Even Keel was essentially a very hoppy beer with practically no body (which is exactly what they are going for) and Victory at Sea is dessert in a glass (woh vanilla!) and a little less coffee-ish than I remember from before.

-Next stop was O'Brien's with nothing too much to note other than that I tasted the latest batch of Alpine Nelson. This beer is getting crazy grape-y. I know that Nelson Sauvin hop is known for its grape-like taste but MAN was it a grape-bomb (no not grapefruit, just grape). I usually like Nelson, but this was actually hard to drink. Oh, I also had a pint of Coronado Idiot IPA. I had a bottle last Summer and chalked up my dissatisfaction for it to an old bottle (even though I had no way of knowing... no date on it). Well, it turns out I really just don't like this beer. It's thick, not crisp, the hoppiness is weird, and it's overly sweet. It baffles me that San Diego beer geeks can rave about this when they are drinking it next to Pure Hoppiness, Pliny the Elder, Ruination, and Green Flash Imperial IPA all the time.

-At Hamilton's there wasn't much to note other than those Cascade sours I tasted with the Booze Reviews crew. Cascade is the side project of Raccoon Lodge brewpub if I'm not mistaken, and the guy is pumping out amazing sour beers.

-Also hit Toronado and Blind Lady Alehouse. BLAH is doing some amazing business over there. I don't think I've ever not seen it packed. One of the best taplists in SD as well and delicious pizza.


BeerGuy said...

Yeh the Dorado I had there was amazing as well.

Mattias said...

Yes we really liked what Lee has done with BLAH. A really great place with loads of beers and atmosphere. Simple but still genius; craft beer and craft pizza, what a combo.