Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Beer - Kern River Just Outstanding IPA

"Just Outstanding IPA" is the name given by Kern River Brewing to this particular beer. I wouldn't come close to calling it anywhere near outstanding, but apparently the name comes from a local mountain bike trail. This brew pours a little darker than I like for an IPA. I don't mind a nice orange color but when it starts getting brownish-orange I start thinking Maillard reaction melanoidins or too much crystal malt (think Marin White Knuckle DIPA).

The aroma was actually not too bad at first. But after about 5 minutes the smell turned into that smell of boiling wort right when your throwing some hops into it. I don't want a beer to smell like wort, I want it to smell like beer. The hops came off real vegetal too. The taste had a fairly harsh bitterness that limits its enjoyability, though I must add it had a juicy taste to it, so it redeems itself there. Back to those melanoidins and crystal malt- yeah there were more than I would like to have of either of them in here.

Unfortunately this beer just didn't do it for me. Not a drain pour, but not the best crafted IPA I've had. This beer averages a 4.18/5 on BeerAdvocate (18 reviews), which is excellent for an IPA, but I've had maaaaany better IPA's. Then again, White Knuckle DIPA is also rated as one of the best DIPA's on the site so........................


BeerGuy said...

You're just trying to show off the pool ;)

Patrick Rue said...

If you have the chance, try it on tap. I haven't had the bottled version, but I do enjoy the draft version quite a bit.