Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beer stores that don't keep their stock fresh

I was recently at a beer store in which I saw a Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale with the best by date of September 2008 on it. It wasn't in back or hidden, it was the first one in line. I've noticed this becoming a big problem at beer stores now, especially in these economic times. You might've thought that Pliny or Blind Pig would just fly off shelves in So Cal, but I've seen multiple 5-6 month old cases sitting there with no signs of being bought anytime soon. I love these two beers but maybe they are examples of when hype doesn't make up for poor economy and increased prices of beer.

It sucks that even the best beer stores in the area don't treat their beer with as much care as a grocery store does its food. Disregarding those few beers that can tolerate a bit of age (ie Russian Imperial Stout, Belgians, etc), many of these beers will get stale or lose most of their flavor in a certain time, and these stores are keeping them on the shelves way past that time. This is the reason why I will almost never buy a pale ale or IPA-type beer anymore unless I can see a bottling date either on the case it came from or on the bottle itself. The chances are too high that you are going to a pay a pretty penny (as beer prices have skyrocketed in the last couple years) for something that's not worth drinking.


P. Fruit Trees said...

I just did an Op-Ed regarding draft lines and beer. I used to go to a bottleshop in Portland but I have had so many "bad" beers from the place I have started to rethink that. Additionally when I reached out to the brewery whose beer was shite, they responded that they have had problems with that shop before. Come'on damnit, start acting like you care about the beer on the shelf.


Rational Realist said...

I agree. I've had some bad IPAs lately, even from stores that move a lot of beer. I think some of the distributors are too blame, especially for out of state brewers. We need a campaign like CAMRA or something, to let these guys know we are not going to put up with stale ale.