Saturday, June 27, 2009

Del mar internat'l beer fest

Tons of great beer here.... Not hard to get!!!!
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Rational Realist said...

How much of a pain were those 1 oz tasters?

Steve said...

Ya know, I wasn't so sure how I was gonna like it beforehand, but 1 oz was perfect here. In fact, most pourers gave you 1.5 oz, some gave 2, The Bruery lady filled up my entire glass twice with Berliner Weiss :)

There are SO many beers at this event that pours any larger than that woulda been a waste. With one ounce you can get a good idea of the flavor and if you think it's really good or not, and at the same time you can get a TON of different samples in. As opposed to say, the Stone Anniv party where the samples are 6oz and the 10 tickets they give you are really more than enough samples in those couple hours.

If lines had been outrageous it would have sucked, but at no time did you ever have to stand in a "line" more than 15-20 seconds to get a beer, and most you could just walk right up and get your pour. I'm all for the 1 oz pours now, I think there's a reason the GABF has been doing it like that for so long also...

Full writeup/recap coming soon.