Monday, June 8, 2009

A Couple Randoms for a Sunday Night Tasting

We started off with a Hobgoblin, a beer that was given to me. I've seen it around a bunch but was never very interested in it. It's nothing to write home about. A kinda toasted/roasted flavor in a very light and prickly body. Goes down with a watery feeling.

The next beer was a Southampton Abbot 12 I traded for a while back when I acquired most of this brewery's beers. Abbot 12 was very tasty. Real sugary, caramelly, and my friend Steve said he was getting like apricots or peaches out of it. Probably my second favorite of their beers, behind their Saison. (Grand Cru and Biere de Garde didn't do much for me).

Lastly we finished off with a beer I got about 3-4 years ago for Christmas. I was afraid to every try it because I doubted I would like a 14% ABV lager. I was right. It was horrid, to me. The others seemed to like it somewhat but this thing was so firey potent and ridiculously sweet I just couldn't drink it.

That was it for a weak little Sunday night session. I'm running out of beer so I went to Hi-Times today and stocked up on a bunch of beers. New ones to me include: Alesmith Grand Cru, Alesmith Wee Heavy, Flying Dog Porter, Green Flash Double Stout and Kern River Just Outstanding IPA. In addition I picked up some favorites of mine that includes a Russian River Damnation, Green Flash Imperial IPA and Hop Head Red, and Ballast Point Tongue Buckler (giving this one a second chance to blow me away, it was just "good" when I had it before).

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Cody Ace said...

If you like Southampton, see if you can get a Cuvee Des Fluers (spelling). Phenomenal beer!