Friday, February 20, 2009

What's On Tap for the Weekend

Fighting the LA morning and afternoon traffic has gotten my energy down in my first week of psych rotation, and I've started to come down with a cold. I haven't even had a beer since Sunday morning and since I'll be staying close to home this weekend the beer choices are somewhat limited. Hollingshead's is closed on weekends and Lucky Baldwin's tap list sucks right now with all the pedestrian Belgian's. One opportunity this opens up is a visit to The Bruery, which it seems like I haven't been able to do in forever since I seem to be going somewhere every Friday or Saturday. One new release is their Saison De Lente, which if Saison Rue was any indicator (or any of their other beers for that matter), it'll be a kickass saison (something we can always make room for).

Just a few miles away in Fullerton is a newer brewery called Bootlegger's. I've seen some of their beers in bottles at the nearby Hollingshead's Deli but haven't tried them. A few weeks ago Hollingshead's had their Rustic Rye IPA on tap which just by the name (and its 85 IBUs) sounds delicious. They only appear to have public tasting hours from 2-7pm on Fridays so unfortunately I won't be able to visit this place for a while, but it's near the top of my list.

If all else fails I'll have to find myself either dipping into my own fridge (something I should probably do more often). Or perhaps a trip to The Verdugo is in order for Friday or Saturday night...


JessetheHutt said...

JRhode and I tried the Rustic Rye tonight and let's just say we weren't too impressed. I'll leave the reviewing up to you, but it starts out with something but leaves you wondering where all the flavor went in the finish. I'm interested to hear what you think when you try it.
Wasn't anywhere near as good as the Founder's Red's Rye we had before it.

JessetheHutt said...

OK, the Rye is a bit better when it warms, but still not great. Let it warm up a bit and don't worry about the ass end, there's no B-12 bottle fermentation in this one.