Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vintage Stone at Beachwood BBQ

Beachwood BBQ over in Seal Beach has some interesting drafts on right now (when don't they?). Well, they have Stone Imperial Russian Stout from 2005-2008 on tap, as well as a 2008 version on cask. It looks like you can get a taster flight of them too for somewhere around $7. If none of that stuff tickles your fancy (shit, I haven't heard that expression in a long time), then there's a ton of other great stuff to pick from like New Belgium La Folie, Marin White Knuckle DIPA, or Lost Abbey Red Barn.

There is so much great stuff on tap right now throughout the Southland and yet so little time to get to it. Be careful out in the rain wherever you are headed.

UPDATE: the 2006 IRS was gone after the first day. Weird huh? 05, 07 and 08 were still on today, but I passed and went with some lighter fare... a Red Barn and Damnation. Red Barn has to be one of the better saisons around, but I've always loved it.


J.Rhode said...

Age=improvement on Stone IRS. We'll have to do an aged IRS tasting with you down here. Between us we have 01, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 (pretty soon). The 05 would be awesome on tap.

Steve said...

Agree wholeheartedly on the improvement thing. It is very tempting for me to head over there on Saturday. I haven't tasted some vintage Stone IRS since November '07 ago when I had the 2004 on tap at Stone (3 1/2 years old). I believe I rated that a 4.9 or so at the time. I'll gladly do a tasting with you guys but you don't have to wait for me cause who knows when I'll be able to get down there for a tasting. I don't have anything other than '07 and '08 in bottles here.

J. Rhode said...

Makes for a good excuse to have a tasting though. We should do it blind to make sure we can really pick out the aged, "improved" version though. That way I don't sound like a total horse's ass/beer douche when I tell people to stash away a few bottles.

BJR said...

The IRS on cask really catches my eye, especially after having the Russian River Porter (tasted more like a stout) on cask and loving it.