Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bunch of New Beers Had Tonight

Went over to Lucky Baldwin's Delirium Cafe tonight. Didn't expect much from their tap lineup as Belgian Beer Fest was still going on and I wasn't impressed with their lineup 2 weeks ago. This day was actually better now. Out of the 4 beers I had tonight, all four were new to me. The first was Abbey Des Rocs Triple Imperial (10% ABV). It was a milk chocolate brown (maybe slightly darker), pretty sweet, medium-light body, and super easy to drink. Not a whole lot of roastiness going on in it, just a bit of sweet, alcohol, and Belgian flavors. Good Stuff. The next beer was a Murphy's Irish Stout. Never had that beer so decided what the hell. Felt like comparing it to the ultra bland Guinness that I've had within the last month. It was a bit better than Guinness as it had a little more roastiness (albeit not much). The next beer was a bottle of Lost Abbey's Serpent Stout. Lucky B's priced this at $10 a bottle. It must've been a mistake or something. It totally didn't fit within the pricing of their other beers (ie Ommegang Abbey Ale for $15). I jumped all over this deal and ordered it. This beer reeked of cocoa powder in the nose and tasted of smooth unsweetened intense dark chocolate with a bit of sweet fruit. We left Lucky B's and walked up to a dive up the street called Buccaneer which had PBR on tap. At this point my best judgments were behind me so I ordered up a pint. We watched a band play a couple songs and then we left, with about 3/4th's of a glass of PBR still sitting there. We topped off the night with some awesome burritos from Alberto's. Good night overall. It's very rare that I ever try more than 1 or 2 new beers in one night anymore. And I'm going to bed now after posting-under-the-influence here.

The Delirium Cafe beer menu as of last night...

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