Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saturday San Diego Itinerary

My buddy Kevin and I are going to be traveling to San Diego for some beer and soccer watching this Saturday. Our plans are to hit O'Brien's at opening, around noon, and take in the FA Cup match between Blackburn and Coventry City at 12:30. After a couple/few hours at O'Brien's we will probably venture south into North park and hit either Hamilton's or Blind Lady Alehouse, or maybe even Downtown Johnny Brown's. I love Hamilton's so much and I've heard a lot about their beer cheese soup that I may just have to do that. We'll probably be playing this second stop by ear though. When we head home in the evening we'll definitely be stopping by Stone for a growler fill, as they are doing fills of my 2nd favorite beer at Stone- Smoked Porter w/ vanilla beans.

There may or may not be an Alpine trip thrown in to get a couple growlers of Duet and Pure Hoppiness and O'Briens IPA. That will be a last minute decision.

UPDATE: No Alpine trip... not this time. I don't actually need more beer in my fridge. However we do plan on being at O'Brien's from around 12-3pm or so, and then most likely Hamilton's after that.


BeerGuy said...

Sounds awesome, have fun! Be safe.

JessetheHutt said...

The Duet at Alpine is off the hook right now...super hoppy and fresh. We had a growler of this watching the US thrash Mexico. You may want to rethink this.