Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buckbean Black Noddy Lager

Beer in cans is a good thing. And here is another good beer from a craft brewery in a can. Buckbean Brewing Company, in Reno, NV, offers 5 reasons why cans are better:

  1. Cans protect beer quality better than bottles
  2. Cans are lighter (less fuel to ship)
  3. Cans can go anywhere- events, parks, camping, golf
  4. A case of cans uses about 70% less paper and cardboard than a case of bottles.
  5. Cans are more compact and take less room in your fridge or cooler (yes!)
Black Noddy is brewed in the "traditional Bavarian Schwarzbier style." This is a style I can only remember having a couple times- Moonlight's Death & Taxes and Lost Abbey's Moonlit Sessions. The initial aroma is, of course, roasted malts. It is balanced very nicely with lighter sweet malt, similar to a porter. The balance in the taste is very good, there isn't an overload of roastiness that can detract from the ease of drinking this tasty lager, it's balanced by a touch of sweet malt. I paired this with some leftover smoked tri-tip and it was an excellent match to wash down that smokey flavor. As I get to know this style a little better there is one thing I know for sure, this is a well crafted, tasty beer. 4.25/5


beer-retard said...

Did you try the Orange Blossom one too?

Steve said...

Haven't gotten around to that one yet, Chris. Gonna probably get to it this weekend.

BeerGuy said...

New look, I see ...

Abbi Jayne said...

Glad you like Buckbean!