Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Beer and College Football Day

First up today while watching the start of the Oregon State/Penn State and Notre Dame/SDSU games- a bottle of Clipper City Marzhon sent by my friend Brian, The Baltimore Beer Guy. I have really enjoyed everything from Clipper City that he's sent me so far. Lightly toasted, hint of sweetness and of cours a lager-like feel to it (I think basically just the unique Pilsner malt aroma/taste) This Oktoberfest style lager is pretty light in all facets of the style, but it's tasty and easy to drink. I enjoyed the bottle a lot.

This time Penn Oktoberfest. This one is more toasty but has some other strange flavors that are unexpected in this style. Sometimes I pick up a fruity flavor in it, other times it seems real juicy. Kinda weird but overall it's pretty good and delivers that semi-sweet toasty flavor you get in most Oktoberfests. And SDSU goes on top of ND 7-0. haha. Not sure that will hold up but so far this first half has been funny.

I had to go to a baby shower this afternoon (yes, really) where there was only Bud Light, so after opting to hydrate myself with water instead I came home and decided to try a fruit beer that had been sitting in my fridge for a while. This is a raspberry beer called Founders Rubaeus. It was a really light beer with great raspberry flavor. I really enjoyed it, though I couldn't drink it that often. They crafted it pretty well though.

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