Wednesday, July 8, 2009

San Francisco Beer Questions

I'm pretty close to finalizing a few day trip to the Bay Area, mostly up to Santa Rosa because that's my favorite place to stay, but I can't go through San Francisco without stopping for a while. A mandatory first stop in the early afternoon will be Toronado, of course. But there are a few other places I am thinking of grabbing a beer at, just to check them out.

First is The Monk's Kettle. This place looks really cool and I like their mix of local drafts.

Another is Magnolia Brewpub. I've heard a lot of talk about this place as being a solid brewpub, and that's something I don't do enough these days: head to a brewpub and sample their wide selection of styles.

A third I've pondered is La Trappe. I love the dark basement look of the place and it has the highest reviews of any of these places, but the all-Belgian draft selection doesn't do much for me. I can get almost all of those beers anywhere, yet their bottle list is very extensive. Looks like a fairly expensive place and not sure it's worth it just to go have a bottle of Belgian beer.

A sausage from Rosamunde and a slice from Blondie's and I'll be set.

Any thoughts for me on the aformentioned beer establishments if I could only hit 1 of them?


Anonymous said...

If I had the choice, I would opt for 21st Amendment over Magnolia. Beers are better there.

About 15 blocks away is City Beer Store which I highly recommend for some bottles to go for the trip to Santa Rosa.

Anonymous said...

I would hit SPEAKEASY... they are so underated.

Steve said...

Speakeasy... good idea but I won't be up there on a Friday, and that looks like the only day they are open.

I think I'm gonna pass on 21st Amendment this time. Been there and want to try at least one new thing this time. City Beer store however is something I've wanted to get to for 3 years now.

Beer Retard said...

Monk's Kettle - decent beer list, decent food but beer is way overpriced and it's ridiculously crowded unless you go very early in the day.

Magnolia - worth a trip if you've never been. I think their beers are, on the whole, better than 21A. People that own this place also run Alembic up the street. They have some Magnolia stuff on tap and usually have Russian River, Bear Republic and a few other guest taps going.

La Trappe - good selection of Belgians and good food. downstairs bar is cool unless it's Friday/Saturday night--then it's hell on earth crawling with annoying douchebag yuppie fucks.

I'd say it's between La Trappe and Magnolia. If you're trying to sample local stuff you can't get elsewhere, I'd go with Magnolia. If you'd rather get good eats and maybe find a few Belgians you've never had, then it's La Trappe.

Rational Realist said...

I went to Magnolia a few summers ago. I was more impressed with the food than the beer, but the beer was solid. Next time in San Francisco I want to visit La Trappe. An employee form Monk's Kettle was on BeerAdvocate a while back pimping Monk's Kettle before it opened. The BA reviews are mostly positive, but confirm the Beer Retard's concerns - crowded and expensive.

Mark Gregory Meyers, Jr. said...

Gotta do City Beer, so fantastic.