Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recent/Upcoming Happenings

Well it's getting close to the end. Two months of board exam studying culminates with 1 test this week and 1 next week. Things have recently been pretty bleak on the beer path for me after suffering a major bout of gastroenteritis a week ago in which I think I lost about 5 gallons of water from my body in one night. Since then it's been kinda hard to want to eat or drink anything. Hopefully I'll be ready to roll on some stuff soon....

Sunday July 19th- Stone Sour Fest. This is almost a can't-miss this year. The list is even more amazing than last year, and last year was pretty damn good. Sipping sours in the Sunday sun makes for a very nice day. It sounds like they are expanding the designated sour fest area too, which is nice because last year at the little outside bar it got kinda crowded.

Pismo Beach July 24-26. Heading up with some friends to stay at my buddy Pat's place. We usually hit the Firestone in Buelton on the way up, but this time we're going to the brewery in Paso Robles. Apparently after that we're going to do some wine tasting along the 42 before ending up at the seafood restaurant of all seafood restaurants. If time permits somehow, I would love to give Hollister Brewing Company another whirl on the way up through Santa Barbara, as well as Telegraph which I've yet to visit.

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