Saturday, July 25, 2009

Firestone Double Jack IPA

At the Paso Robles location today. The beer is 9.5% ABV. Smell is obviously hoppy, kinda orange marmalade (I'm thinking from centennial hops and crystal malt combination..?), but the aroma is also boozy at the same time (altho a bit less than Maharaja). The taste is without a doubt sweet but on the drier side for a DIPA which is great. Hop flavors are earthy, like leafy, citrusy (orange) and caramel. I really like this DIPA, but it's obviously bigger in all aspects than say our standard Pliny the Elder. JRhode- highly recommended. (EDIT: I used the term "boozy" a little loosley here. It really isn't that boozy. Maharaja is boozy. Hop 15 is boozy. Avery The Beast is boozy. Double Jack has some obvious heat but it is nowhere near as prevalent as the others)
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Tim said...

I was just there yesterday and had a Double Jack. Loved it. Union Jack is by far my favorite beer from Firestone, and doubling it, is only better. I bought a growler full of the Double Jack and will be drinking it at lunch while having a hamburger.

J.Rhode said...

Looking forward to giving it a shot, especially if it's in the drier spectrum of DIPAs.

Unrelated, but have you heard anything about Firestone reusing their dry hop hops in the boil of the next batch? I heard they were doing this with Union Jack from a reliable source. Is this common in the industry?

Had three Sculpins at O'Brien's yesterday during the worst US Soccer match I have ever witnessed; Sculpin eased the pain/humiliation factor. Ballast should stop making all other hoppy beers and focus on cranking out Sculpin year round.

Steve said...

I have heard of reusing dry hops briefly on The Brewing Network. I can't remember if it was a guest brewer they were talking about it with (they've done two awesome shows with Matt Brynildson) or if it just came up as a topic by themselves or a question from an email or something. As far as I know, it's not common.

Re: soccer match, yeah we were watching it at some little dive billiard/pizza place in Pismo (good tap lineup tho, I had a Mirror Pond), but we left probably around the 50th minute when it was still 0-0. Agree on ALL accounts re: Sculpin.