Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Quick Tidbits on Celebration, Redemption, and Supplication

This is the newest release of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2008). It's a little different than years past. For instance the color. Usually it is perfectly clear. This batch seems to have some haze in it, and seems more orangish brown than the orangish-red of the past. The taste still delivers a lot of that piney goodness, although I detected quite a bit of citrus coming from this, something I've never noticed in Celebration before. Really has that "juicy" feel to it this year.

I haven't tasted Russian River Redemption since the very first time I had it over a year ago at the brewery. I liked it quite a bit then and those feelings were reaffirmed again. This is a very light, tasty Belgian... nicely flavored with a light fruitiness, and only a very tiny amount of the Belgian yeast earthy characterstic coming through... it's actually a fairly clean beer.

Sour beers are good.

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