Friday, October 3, 2008

Heading to Lucky Baldwin's Delirium Cafe - Oktoberfest Week

Lucky Baldwin's is currently in the midst of their Oktoberfest celebration, which basically is 2 weeks worth of a handful of Oktoberfests on tap. I normally hang out at the Sierra Madre location which they call "Delirium Cafe," so that's where I'll be tonight. Hopefully they'll still have a good amount on tap. Usually they have all the imported Oktoberfests, and the domestics I've noticed in the past were Craftsman (Pasadena), Lost Coast, and Sam Adams. I'm pretty sure there are at least a couple more domestics to choose from but I forget. The sad thing is there really aren't that many oktoberfest beers made locally and distributed to bars in Southern California. It would blow me away if they even had Firestone Oaktoberfest, which is current on tap at Beachwood BBQ.

Anyway, tonight I started it off with a Weihenstephaner Hefe with my store bought frozen pizza. Good stuff.

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