Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucky Baldiwns + Stone 12th Anniversary Celebration

Staring this past Saturday, Lucky Baldiwn's, located in Pasadena and Sierra Madre, CA will be holding a 2 week 12th anniversary celebration at both pub locations. Coincidentally, it's also Stone's 12th anniversary so how appropriate is it that Lucky B's is putting on a ton of Stone beers? For past anniversary weeks they've put on an abundance of their Pasadena hometown local brewery Craftsman beers to celebrate the ocassion. It appears they'll still have a handful of Craftman beers on, and a lot of other stuff too.

Here is a partial list (from the Lucky Baldwin's newsletter) of what will be on tap:
  • Stone 7th Anniversary
  • Stone 8th Anniversary
  • Stone 9th Anniversary
  • Stone 10th Anniversary
  • Stone 11th Anniversary
  • Stone 12th Anniversary
  • Stone Smoked Porter
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard
  • Stone Oak Arrogant Bastard
  • Stone Double Bastard 2006
  • Stone Russian Imperial Stout 2007
  • Stone Cali Belgique IPA
  • Stone India Pale Ale
  • Stone Vertical Epic 08-08-08
  • Stone Old Guardian
  • Russian River Salvation
  • Russian River Pliny the Elder
  • Russian River Blind Pig
  • Russian River IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Anniversary
  • Sierra Nevada Harvest
  • Sierra Nevada Big Foot
  • Alesmith Little Devil
  • Alesmith Old Numbskull
  • Lost Abbey Witches Wit
  • Craftsman Baldwin 10
  • Craftsman Edgar’s Ale
  • Craftsman Honesty Ale
  • Craftsman Cabernale
  • Craftsman El Prieto

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